As one of eight selected students for this project, our team worked with Ford Motor Company to evaluate and prototype new customer experiences for the elderly demographic. We conducted several weeks of research that then shaped our prototyping phase, design phase and final solutions. Working directly with executives from Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford Innovation Institute and Henry Ford Health System, we were better able to understand the elderly demographic as well as emerging technologies in the healthcare and hospitality industries. Emphasis was placed on our persona development and understanding how our audience reacts to and benefits from a new customer experience that utilizes these technologies. I worked in groups of two or more at times to research, present persona development, prototype an interactive table, design an iPad dealership service department app and animate part of the final motion piece. This book serves as a sort of case study for the work that our team did over the course of the semester.

After we completed the project, I teamed up with Angie Foster the following semester to write and design this book that walks the viewer through our thinking and collaboration at each point in the process as well as final outcomes and design solutions.

Project Specs

96 Pages // Digital Output // Swiss Bound