Midtown Detroit Inc. is a nonprofit planning and development organization that is focused on the revitalization of the Midtown district in Detroit, Michigan. Working with Cody Barnaby, we conducted research to boil down to the essence of the organization: Reshaping. Reconnecting. Reviving. Midtown Detroit Inc. strives to strengthen Detroit’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit and foster a diverse, safe and thriving district for residents and visitors. Through speaking to the organization, we identified the importance of unifying each of Midtown’s eight districts while retaining a sense of their individuality. It was also important to inject flavor into the identity in an effort to emphasize the importance of art and celebrate the neighborhood’s cultural institutions.

We designed a scaleable system to communicate the vibrancy of the Midtown neighborhood on assets ranging from storefronts to office supplies to websites and social media.

Check out the official Midtown Detroit Inc. website here.