Many thousands of years ago, Flagstaff, Arizona was graced by the presence of a mysterious alien life form right from outer space. Though few people believe it, these aliens adjusted to life on earth and began evolving over time. They actually still live among us. They are us. We are them!

Mission Control Flagstaff is a proposed kinetic identity system built around the city of Flagstaff’s dedication to preserving the night sky for space observation and exploration. 826 National is a writing and tutoring organization for kids located in select cities across the U.S. Each 826 branch embodies themes or histories related to the city in which its located and sells novelty products and kitsch items that service the stores concept. I developed a system of friendly, youthful and inviting space-themed type treatments and rhetorical graphic devices that suggest the absurdity of living among extraterrestrials.

Project Deliverables

Letterhead, Business Card, Envelope // Digital Storefront Mock-up // Interorbital Breathing Device (not pictured) // Shuttle Ticket Postcards // Cosmonite Club Patches // T-shirts // Poster Series